How to Create an Effective Press Release

A press releases follows a standard universal format, this makes it easier for readers to get the details they need in an efficient way. If you are thinking of writing your own press release you need to do some things differently than you would with an just an article, or a blog post.

A press release is a formal announcement from your company. When writing a press release you always write in the third person; don’t say “I” or “we” unless you’re using it in a direct quote and consider the reader’s perspective why should they care and what makes your news special?

  1. If you can be brief; one page, or about 400-500 words, is always best, sometimes less is more. Maximum 800 words recommended.
  2. Get to the point upfront and clearly, don’t lose your reader’s attention because they can’t figure out what your release is about.
  3. Avoid sales-pitch language and tons of adjectives, both which lose credibility in the eyes of readers, and keeping your own opinions out of it is generally good advice.
  4. Write without using a lot of industry jargon, don’t assume that everyone who’s reading your release it will know what you’re talking about.

The headline is what draws in your viewer in by clicking deeper to learn more.

The press release headline. This is typically the only information they will have until actually making the commitment to click on your headline and make that call to action. There are two audiences you are writing your release for, the reader, and for Google. Taking into account both the algorithms of modern search engines and the human element, you want the subject header to be both search engine friendly but also reads clearly articulates your message and encourages the reader to want to read more. Do a little research on what keyword(s) are gaining a good amount of monthly searches and select those keyword(s) to include in your headline. Make sure the keywords pertain to your message body and the overall message.

A few more things to keep in mind when writing a company press release:

  1. Avoid using “I”, “we”, or “you”.
  2. It can be a good idea to reference a "quote" or company message by the CEO or founder of the company to provide credibility and create some credible statements.
  3. Use a standard font, such as Times New Roman or Calibri, and a Bolded, larger headline. Body text should be single spaced, with one line of space between paragraphs.
  4. Proofread, make sure everything is correct.

If you're not 100% comfortable with the whole process, sometimes the best way to do something is to hire a professional. You can even learn how to write a press release by having one written for you! Thinking about hiring a skilled writer to craft your perfect press release? Hire a writer that can write one for you.