Press Release SEO Benefit

The idea of a press release is to promote your company, products and services to potential customers and influencers (bloggers and journalists) within your specific industry.

Developing newsworthy content and distributing it to the appropriate outlets, you can achieve your goal of getting your brand in front of the right audience and this traffic and backlinking can significantly improve your search engine optimization or (SEO). A good press release can significantly improve a company’s web traffic and awareness overnight.

Many small businesses make the same mistake putting up a website and expecting people to find you without taking any steps to market the site. A press release is one of the easiest ways to market your website. Millions of people today use the Internet and newswires to get their news and including links in your press release, you can build more industry targeted backlinks and ultimately improve your website's SEO.

Remember: The best way to get noticed is to create consistency by distributing well-written, SEO-friendly press releases on a regular basis as often as something newsworthy occurs in your company be that events, promotions, awards, new products or services, and any other notable accomplishments.

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